Welcome to Special Angels Adoptions!
We strongly believe that all children are unique, amazing and loveable!

We help adoption agencies or families who wish to place a special needs baby or toddler and sometimes older children for adoption, find experienced and loving adoptive families. No matter what the special need, we can help you find the very best family.

Our service is completely free to everyone in the adoption triad. We are not an adoption agency. We do not charge for our services. We simply provide a way for special needs babies and adoptive families who are willing, thrilled, and highly experienced to parent children with challenges to find each other. We will help connect you to families that are homestudy and adoption ready for a special needs baby or toddler and sometimes older children. Every month, we help several special needs babies and toddlers find their forever families! Our families want to adopt special needs children because they have seen the blessing that these children can be and they have the knowledge and experience to handle their unique needs.

If you have a unique adoption situation, please let us know by emailing Sara Deaterla at sara@specialangelsadoption.org.

November is National Adoption Month 

To celebrate we will be sharing adoption stories of little ones who have been born with special needs and who have brought families together through adoption. It is our hope that others can learn more about various disorders and feel that they can parent these special little ones either through birth or adoption. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Some of these little ones were adopted through Special Angels. Others joined their families through another path. 

We will be adding a new story each day. Click here to read the stories.