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Homestudy Services for Ohio Residents
Special Angels Adoption is able to provide homestudy services for potential adoptive families that live in Ohio.
Homestudy - This is a comprehensive process that will be completed in timely manner. We will travel all over the state. We do not charge extra for mileage. The homestudy will be in compliance with Ohio laws and Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services regulations. It will be conducted by a licensed social worker who has also a certified assessor. You do not have to be open to special needs to use our homestudy services.                            Fee - $1200

Training - We will provide the provide the required training hours for families using our homestudy services. Or we can help you find the training being provided in your area.                                                                              Fee - Hourly

Large Family Assessment - This is an additional assessment for those families that have 4 or more children living in their home. We will conduct this assessment at no additional charge.

Homestudy Update - All Ohio homestudy are required to be updated every two years if the potential adoptive family still is wishing to pursue an adoption.                                                                                                       Fee - $900

Post Placement (Pre-Finalization Visit) Fee - After a child is placed in your home Ohio requires that a social worker visit your home and write a report. If finalization will occur in Ohio, then six of these visits will be required. If finalization will occur in another state, that state law will determine how many will be required.                          Fee - $200 per visit

Homestudy Sharing Fee - Special Angels Adoption will send a completed homestudy and supporting documents to any licensed agency, public foster care agency, or attorney at your written request for no fee, if it can be sent electronically. Fee only applies if a hard copy must be mailed.                                                                     Fee - $25

Other Fees - There may be additional fees that are associated with the homestudy process. These fees would be paid to another entity. This includes but not limited to FBI/BCI clearances, well inspection, medical exams, and vet checks. 

We will expedite a homestudy at no additional fee. As a non-profit we work to keep our services as low as possible. 

If you have any questions or are ready to start the homestudy process please contact Sara at 740-395-3097 or by emailing to sara@specialangelsadoption.org for the application packet. 

For immediate service           Birth families call/text Sara at 740-395-3097        Agencies call/text Jennifer at 256-452-9504