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Special Angels Adoption (SAA) is a ministry which seeks to assist families who are considering placing or adopting a child with special needs. We also gather resources for those who wish to parent their child and offer adoption assistance to those who would like to place a child for adoption. While traditional adoption agencies may have only one special needs adoption case per year, SAA has helped over 250 families in just the last three years. We have both medically trained personnel and licensed social workers available to work on even the most medically and socially complex cases. Due to the growing need for assistance to these families, Special Angels Adoption, which until 2016 has been an all-volunteer ministry, is now a non-profit (501c3 status) fully licensed Ohio adoption agency. In association with our parent organization, The Marlee Factor Foundation (MFF), the goal of this change in status is to be better able to help all the families we work with, to reduce the liability of custodial care to traditional adoption agencies, and to substantially lower the costs associated with the adoption of children with special needs.

We are well aware of the difficulty in finding families open to the most difficult situations. We speak with agencies every week who have an unexpected special needs situation and are nervous about finding the right family. We love to help you and do not charge you anything for helping to find a family! Included below are the ways that we are currently helping agencies (again, at no cost to you):

1.Present situation to our group of waiting families - We have around 60 families currently registered with our organization. Each family has a valid homestudy and has been approved to adopt children with special needs. We collect information about the case and the child from you, write a summary, and present it to our group. Families that wish to be presented send their profile and a Situation Interest Form (SIF). The SIF details why they are interested in a particular child and what resources they have available to care for this child. We then send all the information for each interested family to you. Once a match is made, we connect you with the family and the adoption process proceeds in the manner you would a typical adoption. 
2.Find adoption situations for your registered families open to special needs - We do not charge families to register with our           organization. If you have families open to special needs, they can register with us and still remain with you. They can in turn use you as their agency for the adoption process in their state. 
3.Do a web-based search for a family- In the event that we do not find a match within our list of waiting family list, we can do a social media outreach for a family. We filter through the hundreds of emails generated and send you only viable families. This saves your organization dozens of man hours!
4.Accept referral of a birthmother - If you have a birthmother who comes to you knowing that she is carrying a child with a special need and you are unable to handle the case, you can refer them directly to us. We have staffing that can provide counseling and walk her through the adoption process. 
5.Assume liability of the case - In the event that your agency is unable to proceed as the custodial agency in a case you have already been involved in, such as a baby unexpectedly born with a great medical need, we can step in as the custodial agency. In this case we would work to reimburse your agency for any expenses already incurred and we would proceed as the agency for the case. 

At SAA, we speak with birth mothers almost every week. Most arrive to us in tears, terrified about their child’s future. They have a great fear that no one will want their child and an incredible amount of guilt over considering an adoption plan. Most of our birth families would love to be able to parent their child, but for a variety of reasons too long to list, are unable to do so. They are shocked and overjoyed when we tell them we have dozens of families who are praying, longing, and hoping to adopt a child with special needs! All of the families we work with have a valid homestudy and have been trained and approved to adopt children with special needs. We are so incredibly blessed to help these families find each other. Our goal is to make sure every child’s life is valued and that every child finds their forever home. 

We know that you may only see an occasional special needs adoption situation, but the number of these cases are growing and we want to serve as a resource for your agency! We are happy to help in any way we can and look forward to working with you in the future. 

For assistance please contact Jennifer Kelly at jennifer@specialangelsadoption.org or by calling 256-452-9504.

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For immediate service        Birth families call/text Sara at 740-395-3097           Agencies call/text Jennifer at 256-452-9504