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For immediate service         Birth families call/text Sara at 740-395-3097         Agencies call/text Jennifer at 256-452-9504     
We are a 501c3 non-for profit adoption agency. 

We do not charge for any of the services we offer birth mothers and families such counseling and other supports. We work to help families parent their special needs child. We only move toward adoption when the families feel that is what is best for their situation. 

Sometimes we help birth mothers with expenses to help her get in a better place financially with no expectation of her making an adoption plan.

Many times our birth families talk with our counselor again with no expectation of making an adoption plan. Exactly the opposite. It is our hope that in talking with the counselor they will decide to continue to parent.

We also work to support adoption agencies. We do not charge then when we help them with their special needs situation. 

When we do have an adoption, the agency fees are low, basically covering the legal fees, ICPC, social work services, and insurance. Some months we struggle to insure that we are meeting our monthly obligations of insurance and auditing fees. 

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us continue to offer supports to the families that we serve.

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