Learn How to Adopt
The homestudy is the first step in becoming an adoptive family. It is a document written by an adoptive social worker, adoption agency, or adoption lawyer. The requirements vary from state to state so it must be done in your state. It usually includes an inspection of your home, background checks and a couple of visits from the social worker to interview family members. It sounds awful but it really isn't. Once this is done then you are approved by your state to adopt a child or children. Then you can adopt from any state or your own.

There are three types of homestudies. One is an international homestudy and can only be used if you adopt from another country.

The next is a foster care to adopt homestudy. This is done through your office of children services. There is little or no cost to have this homestudy done. But it can only usually be used to adopt from foster care in your state or any other state. Some of the children available for adoption through foster care can be seen at www.adoptuskids.org. 

The other kind of homestudy is a private one through an adoption agency, adoption attorney, or an independent adoption social worker. The fees for this one can be from $1200 to $3000. This homestudy will allow you to adopt through another agency or attorney or from foster care in any state. 

If you are located in Ohio we can help you with your homestudy process. If you are in another state we might be able to help you find an agency in your area. If you would like more information please contact Sara at sara@specialangelsadoption.org


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