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For Those Looking To Adopt
Welcome to Special Angels Adoption. Are you a loving family interested in and open to adopting babies or toddlers who have special needs? Then this is the place for you!

From personal experience, as adoptive moms, the staff at Special Angels Adoption can testify that these unique children are a wonderful, rewarding addition to a family. It is fantastic that you too see the amazing gifts these children have to offer. 

We are an adoption agency as well as advocacy ministry.  We are a place for organizations or birth mothers trying to place a special needs baby for adoption to find loving capable parents delighted to parent a baby with unique needs. We are sometimes the agency handling the situation or sometimes we partner with adoption agencies and attorneys across the country.

When agencies or birth families contact us about available adoption situations, we will contact our database of families. If an adoptive family is interested, they can choose to pursue the adoption situation. Be aware that there might be more than one family whom the situation fits and the final decision is up to the placing agency or birth mother. If your family is not interested, that is OK too. You will still be presented to future situations that meet your individual profile. 

You can also choose to add your picture to our website so that potential birth mothers can see that there really are families out there who love these precious children.

In order to be on our list of potential parents, you must meet the following criteria.

We do not discriminate, all family types are welcome to join our group.

To be added to our list of waiting families, download an intake form. Complete the form sign and email to intakeforms@specialangelsadoption.org or fax to 1-740-422-1675.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

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For immediate service        Birth families call/text Sara at 740-395-3097           Agencies call/text Jennifer at 256-452-9504
2017-18 Special Angels Adoption Adoptive Parent Intake Form
2017-18 Special Angels Adoption Adoptive Parent Intake Form
2017-18 Homestudy Release Document
2017-18 Homestudy Release Document