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Families Hoping to Adopt
We have many wonderful families hoping to adopt a special needs angel.
Our families go through an extensive screening process. They must have experience with special needs, be approved to adopt, have current criminal background checks, letters of reference and home visits. These families have learned first hand how special needs children can bless those around them and they want nothing more than to welcome a special needs baby into their family. 

Here are just a few of our families. To learn more about them or the other adoptive families, please contact Sara at sara@specialangelsadoption.org.
Last updated 5/1/2016
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We are Mark and Debbie and are a larger sized family with lots of room in our home and love in our hearts to adopt more children. We have 11 adopted children and 3 biological children, however only 6 are still at home.

 Love brought us together and love is why we want to adopt again. We live in
a 6 bedroom home on 5 acres of land.. We have a large fenced in play yard with swings, a sandbox, a playhouse that Mark built, a swimming pool and a trampoline. Since we are an active family we enjoy being outdoors. 

Our family enjoys animals so we have a lot of pets both indoors and outside. We also have vegetable and flower gardens. Debbie has always been a stay at home mother and Mark is an assistant herdsman on a large dairy farm. Our children are in things like 4-H, church groups, piano lessons and playing with their friends.  

Two of our children have Down syndrome so we are actively involved in Early Intervention. We are Christian and are active in our church that has programs for children and teens. We are open to Down syndrome, mild CP, drug exposed, premature, siblings, any race, and many other issues. We are so excited at the possibility of adopting again!

Mark and Debbie
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Kelly and Nathan
Hello! We are Nathan, Kelly, Sasha and Aniya. We live in Georgia. Nathan is an Audit Manager in the city and Kelly is a stay at home mom to our daughters. We have quite a bit of experience with special needs. Nathan's 13 year old nephew has Downs. Kelly was blessed to be a nanny 7 years for a family whose child was born blind, she is globally developmentally delayed and diagnosed with Autism. She also worked with children as a daycare teacher in college, several had Downs, Mitochondrial disease, and epilepsy. We are currently using our local early intervention services for our youngest daughter's speech delay. We are very familiar with local services, specialists and we have a wonderful supportive pediatrician. We were also foster parents to a sibling group and worked closely with mental health professionals throughout the state. But at the end of the day we are a Mommy and Daddy who would love nothing more than to welcome a new little one into our family! Our daughters joined our family through open adoption and if that is something you are hoping for as well we are excited to talk to you about your hopes and desires for your special little one's life! Please know we are praying for you and your child through this difficult decision and we hope you find peace in this journey.  
Thanks so much for taking a minute to read about our little family. We are Adrian and Lauren and we are college sweethearts that have been married for ten years. Our three biological children are ages 8, 6, and 4 and are full of life and love.... they pray for their little-sibling(s)-to-be every night! Even before we were married, God placed a desire in our hearts to adopt and we always knew adoption would be one of the ways we grew our family. We really believe that God has someone special meant to be a part of our home! 

Our home is in the south east area of the country near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We live in a sweet little town but are just 5 minutes outside of a larger city... it's the best of both worlds! Adrian is a pastor and is passionate about caring for youth. He is also the most incredible, hands-on dad (Lauren's words here!) that is deeply involved in the kid’s lives. He always puts his family first and he keeps us laughing every day. Lauren used to be a social worker but now stays homes with the kids and runs a small creative business on the side. She is the most compassionate person I know (Adrian's words here!). She is attentive to the hearts of our children and loves caring for their unique needs.

Our family is one centered on Jesus, love, and laughter. We like to play outside in the yard, go for walks as a family, invite friends over to visit, and have dance parties in the kitchen. We are blessed to have several close 

Adrian and Lauren
Michelle and Zach
Hi! We are Zach & Michelle. We have been married for 14 years and have two children. Our daughter, Avery, is 10 and our son, Alex, is 8. We live on a family farm in the Midwest. Zach farms and owns his own diesel mechanic business. Michelle works as a manager at a nearby pharmacy.  

Zach likes working on the tractors and reading up on the latest farm news in his spare time. Both he and Alex enjoy playing & watching sports as well. Alex participates in soccer and basketball and hopes to play football next year as well. Michelle likes to do anything crafty and spends a lot of time cooking. She especially enjoys it when the kids help her cook - they always make sure to put in lots of their special ingredient - LOVE!!

  Michelle can also often be found behind the camera, trying to catch the family in action. Avery enjoys spending her time drawing and creating with Legos. She has been in gymnastics for the last few years and really enjoys it. In the summertime we enjoy boating, swimming and fishing at a nearby lake as well as spending time on the farm. For indoor fun we enjoy playing board games, doing jigsaw puzzles and family movie night! We also enjoy traveling and have had lots of family fun on trips the last few years. Our family is active in our church and enjoy helping with church service projects.  

We are blessed to have a large extended family who is very supportive of our plans to expand our family again through adoption. We feel family is very important and we take every opportunity we can to spend time making memories with them.  

We adopted both Avery & Alex as infants and their addition to our family has been even more incredible than we could have ever imagined. We believe that God has a plan for everyone and we believe that his plan includes giving us the opportunity to give another child a loving home. We also believe that God has a plan for you & your baby. We pray that you will find the path that leads to the perfect home for your baby. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us!

Elizabeth and Robert
Hi There! We are the Elizabeth and Robert. First of all let us start off by saying we are sorry you are going what you are going through right now.. You are making a very brave decision and one that isn't an easy one. We know how huge of a deal this is because this is how we were able to be blessed with our daughter. Her mother made the same choice and we cherish her gift every single day. We are a blended family. We have two mostly grown children through husband Robert, one has a family of her own (Samantha) and the other recently graduated high school and is looking forward to what the future has in store while working for a catering company (Wayne) We have two biological children (Samuel and Christiana) and one adopted daughter (Cassandra) We've lost four babies, including a daughter (Grace) who was born very prematurely at 20 weeks and lived for an hr and a half before joining her Father in Heaven as she waits with her siblings for us to arrive.

 Robert is the Executive Chef at a Reputable Hotel who likes to work in his wood workshop and sit around the firepit with the kiddos roasting marshmallows with them in his free time. He is a hands-on daddy, who loves spending time with his family when he is off of work. Elizabeth is a stay at home mama so she can always be there for her kiddos, who is the nurturer of the family. She is the one that tucks the kids into bed every night, takes the kiddos to picnics at the park, snuggles on the couch to read stories etc.. We both love children and have a deep desire to adopt. 

We have experience with special needs children. Elizabeth's uncle is the head of a NICU.  Elizabeth's other uncle is a professor of Spec. Ed. and Elizabeth's parents have 5 adopted children, four of which have special needs. We are a loving, devoted and committed family who lives in a quiet rural neighborhood with a huge backyard, a small creek, a few dogs and cats to romp around with and brothers and sisters to play with and look up to. No family is perfect, and all relationships take work and we not only up for the challenge but are Eager to Meet Every Need of the Child we are blessed to adopt. Children with Special Needs are Truly Special and we hope that you will consider us as a family for your child :)
Bethany and Joshua
We are Bethany and Joshua and our little Crew. Our family is very laid back. We enjoy doing everything together. Our lives revolve around being a family. We put our faith in God and do our very best to honor Him in all we do. We home school our children to give them the best education possible and allow them to learn and develop in their own style. We are all so eager to be adding another little one to our family to love and cherish.
friends that are also adoptive families, all of whom have adopted trans-racially. Because we feel called to adopt outside of our race, these relationships with other trans-racial families are super important to us. We are passionate about providing the child or children we adopt with role models in their same race. 

We've been praying specifically for the last several years that God would lead us to the child or children meant for our home, and we believe now is the time. We cannot wait to grow our family in this beautiful way.

Kami and Allan

We’re Allan and Kami. We have been married for seven wonderful years! It just keeps getting better and better! We live in a small town in Idaho close to our extended family. We adopted our daughter (for social media and internet purposes we call her little A) about three years ago.

We find the most joy in spending time together as a family. We enjoy going on walks, family dance parties, and piggy back rides. Kami and Allan also enjoy playing board and card games together and with friends. Kami loves to dance and is involved in our community’s Theatre Guilde and dance classes. Allan enjoys gardening, working on projects around the house, especially those that require woodworking, and working with the youth in our church as the scout master. 

Little A loves food, rocks, and her Mamma. She is very social and loves to be with people, especially other children. She is a loving and sensitive girl. We have an open adoption with her birth family. 
She has a very special relationship with them. It has been a wonderful experience to welcome them into our family. We are hoping to bring another child into our home through the miracle of adoption. We have a very happy and supportive home with a lot of love to share! We hope to have another open adoption and look forward to establishing a relationship that everyone can be comfortable with.
We are Andy and Megan. Our home sits on 2 acres in the Pacific Northwest where we raise chickens, pigs, goats, turkeys, honeybees, a garden, 2 barn cats, and a border collie.

We have been married almost 14 years and have 4 children, all biological. Eli (11), Greta (9), Solomon (6.5), and Hattie (4.5) love being siblings and playing together. God has inspired us to grow our family by adoption, specifically a child with Down syndrome. We offer a loving, stable, safe family.

It is our goal to love our children steadfastly and unconditionally, to provide them with every educational and extracurricular opportunity we can afford. We value excellent medical care and other necessary therapies. 

We love being a family and spend much of our time together. When not at work or school, we love to be outdoors together like going for walks, hikes, or bike rides. Each night we cherish conversations around the dinner table and story time.

May you find peace and comfort in just the right family for your special baby.

Megan and Andy
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