We know that this time can be very difficult and confusing. We are here to support you! No matter the circumstances, we can help you make an informed decision about what is best for yourself and your child.

We have social workers on staff who can assist you with finding parent resources or provide information on the adoption process. We can also connect you with a licensed counselor or other families who have had to face this same decision.

If you decide that adoption is the best option for you and your child, we can connect you directly with adoptive families. ​

"What I love most about them is their biological family care."

"They went above and beyond to care for our daughter's biological family."

"It was amazing to see how Sara loved on our daughter's biological mom."

-From our SAA family

We have a large registry of home study-ready families that have been extensively screened to assess their ability and readiness to parent a child with special needs. Our families are often have experience with special needs and feel it is their calling to parent little ones like yours. You will be able to choose the family that you feel is the best fit.



 You will also be able to guide the level of contact you have with your chosen adoptive family after the adoption. We will help guide you through the adoption process. We will continue to support you after the adoption, including providing lifelong counseling. There is no cost to you at any point in this process. 

​To learn more about adoption and your options, please contact our licensed social worker, Sara, below.

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