Frequently Asked Questions

We know this can be a complicated process for anyone. Below are some questions we get asked A LOT!

Where do you work?

We work with birth and adoptive families in all fifty states. There may be limits on some in-state services depending on the laws of each particular state, but many of our services are available no matter where you live!

What types of special needs do you see?

We work with families of children with a variety of needs. Sometimes the needs are considered mild to moderate, but most of our cases consist of needs that are moderate to severe. We typically place 4 to 5 children each year who have very limited life expectancy as well.

How much does an adoption with SAA cost?

We handle every adoption at estimated costs. These costs can vary based on the specific needs of a case, but our average adoption cost is $15,500.00. 

​How do I get information about a child I have seen shared on your social media?

​Complete our intake process here and send an email to the address included in the posting. 

​Are the children I see you share on social media your only cases?

No, we only outreach for children we have been unable to successfully match through our registered families. 

​How do I know what children are available for adoption?

You must be a SAA Registered Adoptive family to view cases. 

​How do I become a SAA Registered Adoptive family?

Click here to find out how to become a part of the SAA family! 

​How do I get a home study?

Click here  for information about how to obtain a home study.