Bria & Moni

Bria & Moni

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We are Moni and Bria. We recognize there are many families that you could choose to take care of your child and that some of them may be a great fit for you. We hope that you see us as one of these families, as welcoming a child into our lives is something that we have dreamed of for quite some time.

We met in Michigan when we were both working at the same university and there was an instantaneous connection. We became fast friends and spent a lot of time getting to know each other through running, walks, laughing, and exploring Michigan. We eventually fell in love and got married right before we moved to China in 2013. We lived there for just over a year and relocated to eastern Iowa for Moni’s job in 2014. We have been there ever since!

We have both always felt drawn to adoption. Moni grew up in a family with several adopted family members and planned on growing her family the same way. Bria grew up in a home where they often hosted other family members, so she believed being a foster or adoptive parent was in her future. She always imagined providing a home for a child and being the caretaker for her family.

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