Brittany & Paul

Brittany & Paul

Hi! We are so excited to start our journey as parents through adoption. Since the start of our marriage, we have known that we wanted to be parents and start a happy loving family. Throughout our journey towards parenthood, we have always felt in our hearts that we were called to become adoptive parents. We believe strongly that there is a unique connection between adoptive and expectant parents and hope that our profile helps you to get to know us a little bit better. Paul is a talented artist who likes to both create his own art and appreciate the artistic work of others. He likes to create art of all kinds but most recently has begun to create pieces using watercolors. Paul loves coffee and enjoys reading a good book with some coffee or hot chocolate in hand. Outside of art, Paul's favorite pastime is playing board games with friends and family. Brittany loves to read and is always learning something new. Her passion for education has helped her to earn her masters degree, and she hopes to one day work as a child and adolescent therapist. Brittany is also very creative and loves to express her creativity through embroidery, knitting, and other crafting projects. She also loves sports, particularly soccer and is excited at the possibility of coaching your child's future soccer team.

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