Holli & Sumer

Holli & Sumer

We are Sumer and Holli from Kentucky. We like to think of ourselves as loving, intelligent, responsible, and humble.
We met in 2008 where we crossed paths at work. Since 2007 we have both worked with adults as well as children that have been diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. We have foster parented for the last four years and are Medically Complex trained to properly care for children of all ages that have intellectual disabilities as well as other medical needs. Adopting a child is something that we have always wanted, so when discussing building onto our family we both automatically knew that adoption was the right direction for us. We believe that all things happen in Gods timing and we are eager to become parents and to become a forever home to a loving child.
As parents, we plan to honor and respect your relationship to your child through open discussions, life-books, and talking about you and your family. We believe it is important to discuss adoption with a child when they are at an age of understanding. We are comfortable with parents that wish to continue a relationship and respect parents that do not wish to continue a relationship once child is adopted.
We have had a strong relationship since the beginning and have grown together within that time at which we have built a wonderful home and marriage. Our relationship has been built by a positive foundation that we have placed. We are dedicated into giving our all to this process and showing our love to a child that is needing a forever home. We understand placing a child up for adoption is an extremely hard decision. We want to be the adoptive parents that can give comfort during this hard time by showing the amount of love that we must give for a child and the respect we have for the parent or parents that have made this difficult decision.
We would like to thank you for viewing our family and considering us to become adoptive parents.

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