Sara Deaterla, LSW, MSW, MEd

Executive Director/Birth Parent Service Coordinator

(740) 395-3097

Sara Deaterla serves as Executive Director, Birth Parent Service Coordinator, and Lead Social Worker for Special Angels Adoption. She is a licensed social worker and certified teacher/principal. Sara has worked in the adoption field for many years. Her compassion and sincerity lend to her ability to serve birth and adoptive parents well.

Sara and her husband, Mike, have seven children and 3 grandchildren. Their three youngest children were adopted via private domestic adoption, international adoption, and a foster care system adoption and all have some degree of special needs.

In 2012, their youngest daughter, Marlee, developed a nearly lethal case of pancreatitis. Doctors believed her chance of survival was minimal, yet Marlee surprised them at every turn. Her recovery was nothing short of a genuine miracle. Sara and Mike attributed her recovery to what they lovingly call the “Marlee Factor”. Her extended hospital stay and astonishing recovery inspired them to start a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping families of children with special needs. The Marlee Factor Foundation serves families all throughout Ohio by assisting with gas and food for doctor’s appointments, the purchase of specialized mobility equipment, and raising awareness for the special needs community.

Sara’s combined personal experiences with adoption and parenting children with special needs make her a tremendous asset to Special Angels Adoption.